Alpine Coaster in Park City

Summer brings its own thrills to the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort. This is a time for biking along the uncovered trails, taking a scenic ride up the Crescent Lift—or down the Alpine Coaster, one of the Resort's most popular summertime adventures! At over a mile long, this is the longest of its kind to be found in the state of Utah, giving participants an especially wild plunge at speeds up to 30 miles an hour.

So, what exactly is the Park City Alpine Coaster? It’s a low roller coaster track that leads a twisting, turning descent down the mountain. Passengers are seated in vehicles that look a little like bumper cars, with braking devices you can control to navigate curves or accelerate on the straightaways. A chain track pulls riders up to the summit first for the anticipation and excitement of a full-size coaster.

A ride on the Alpine Coaster is just one of the summer activities at Park City Resort, and in the past special deals have been offered that pair a ride here with a trip on the ZipRider or the Alpine Slide. When making your plans, please remember that riders fewer than 54 inches tall will need to be paired with a second rider above that height, and at least 16 years old. All riders must be above the age of 3.

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