Park City Rock Climbing

Offering a full-body workout with lower impact than other sports, a supervised rock climbing session is an excellent way to push yourself to your limits without being put in danger. Indoors or out, you can plan on having a session of Park City rock climbing year round, thanks to our gym-hosted climbing walls and other locations accessible by tour guide!

At least three gyms located in Park City offer rock climbing exercises in addition to their other services. Of these, the Mine Bouldering Gym offers the greatest amount of climbing space--a full 4,000 square feet! Fitting their name, this location is all about bouldering--getting up their wall's hand- and toe-holds without the use of ropes, although their floor is fully covered with pads made to break a fall. Several routes of varying difficulty let everyone have a shot and build up skills, while their constantly-moving "Treadwall" is a great way to enhance your endurance!

Black Diamond Gym also offers a climbing wall and instructional classes specially designed to help kids get started.

Finally, if you're seeking an immersive day of outdoor rock climbing, the people at White Pine Touring are Park City's go-to specialists. They can take you to routes in the Uinta Mountains, located 45 minutes to our east. They have guides, who can customize your day based on the group's experience levels, plus gear and transportation come with their fee; lunch is optional.

There are many ways to enjoy Park City rock climbing, just one of the area's recreational opportunities. You won't have trouble finding fun things to do near our Park City lodging!