Park City Shopping

Shopping in Park City is a match for the ski slopes and outdoor activities that have made our city famous. The expansive collection of stores here is sure to satisfy any customer, whether your tastes run to outdoor sports, fashion or handcrafted gifts--no matter what your plans are, a session of Park City shopping to cool down or get prepared is a practical must-do!

How can we be so sure? For one thing, Park City is home to northern Utah's largest assortment of factory outlets--stores in which brand-name manufacturers offer their goods directly to the public, often at discounted prices. A good selection of these can be found at the Tanger Outlet Center, just a short drive north of downtown. The variety also makes Tanger Outlets a good place to begin shopping in general--companies including Bath & Body Works, Columbia and Adidas are all featured.

For more selective options, take a look at the official shopping directory and head downtown: Park City's Historic Main Street has long been a hotspot for stores of all kinds, with a number of high-quality restaurants thrown in! This area is also easily accessible via the Town Lift or a walk/drive down Park Avenue. Some of the most acclaimed locations in this area include the Paisley Pomegranate gift store Alaska Fur Gallery, Prospect Boutique and Dolly's Bookstore.

Grocery shopping is also easy to locate during a stay with the Lowell--The Market at Park City, which is near Main Street, provides bakery, deli and grocery items, plus the Park City Roasters Coffee Bar. The Market can also deliver straight to our door, making this a go-to choice for many of our guests. (A Smith's and Whole Foods can also be found in Kimball Junction, near the Tanger Outlet and a few other attractions.)

There are many ways to enjoy shopping at Park City! Leave some time to browse during your next stay with the Lowell--you never know what you may find.