How to Have Your Best Ski Season

Ski season is just around the corner, with Park City ski resorts opening on November 21st. Don’t wait until the last minute to get you and your gear fit for the ski season. Start now with our tips on how to have the best ski season by following these pre-skiing exercises and gear prep.


Get in shape

First things first, hit the gym. While you have probably maintained your general fitness level during the off-season there are still a few exercises that are good to add to your workout routine as you head into ski season.

  • Aerobics – prepare your endurance level and add in some jogging, cycling and jumping rope to your workout.
  • Lunges – helps to improve overall strength and balance.
  • Sit-ups – perfect to help build core muscles for all the leaning that is needed for steering.
  • Planks – builds up your core and back muscles.
  • Squats – builds up those quad muscles for when you are carving some beautiful turns.
  • Burpees – an overall body workout that will help to increase your ski stamina.
  • One legged balance – improves your balance on the slopes.

But remember nothing gets you back into ski shape better than skiing itself. So, get out there and hit the slopes as soon as you can to build your base back up.

And for those who own their own ski gear here are some helpful tips regarding your equipment that will help you have your best ski season.

Gear up

Take inventory of your ski gear. Is everything still in good condition. Do your boot heaters still work? Are you ski boot toe pieces worn down? Is your helmet moldy from long-term storage in the basement? Did you misplace your ski gloves? This is a good time to make sure all your gear is ready for opening day. And it might be time to wash that neck gator from last season!

Tune your skis

Ski bases dry out over the summer, particularly when you don’t wax them at the end of the season. So, sharpen and wax your skis before you hit the slopes this season.   

Dry your boots

Take your liners out and let them air dry for a few days. Moisture can work its way deep into the boot liner and letting them dry out will help to prevent cold feet when you head out for the first run of the season. Always remember to keep your boots buckled when they are not in use to help keep their shape.

Don’t forget about your bindings

Take your skis to an expert for a function test. They test to make sure your bindings are releasing properly using a torque wrench. A function test should be one at least once a season.

Where to stay

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